Puerto Rico sweep Cuba in women's baseball friendly series

Puerto Rico won all the six games played in Havana. Puerto Rico and Cuba will compete in Group B of the first stage of the IX WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup.

The Puerto Rico women's baseball national team swept Cuba in a six-game friendly series played in Havana as a warm-up for the first stage of the ninth WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup.


Puerto Rico v Cuba Series

Puerto Rico-Cuba 5-4
Puerto Rico-Cuba 8-0
Puerto Rico-Cuba 7-1
Puerto Rico-Cuba 13-7
Puerto Rico-Cuba 5-4
Puerto Rico-Cuba 16-7

The first game, played at Changa Mederos Stadium, turned out to be the most exciting of the series. The game ended on a double play manufactured by second base Eva Torres and shortstop Adrix Paradizo.

Game five also finished with Puerto Rico one run ahead after a dramatic finish, with outfielder Jonalis Ayala getting the final out on a perfect throw.

Puerto Rico dominated the series thanks to superior pitching. Janiliz and Angelis Rivera starred at the top of the rotation. Nylah Ramirez and Ashley Moreira proved nice additions to the staff.

"The girls did what we wanted them to, " said manager Carlos Ferrer. "I'm delighted by the outcome of this series."

Ferrer added: "Our lineup showed the will to score runs early and this is something I like. Our defence played better at the Latinoamericano Stadium, a much smoother turf than the Changa Mederos."

World No. 7 Cuba and No. 9 Puerto Rico will compete in Group B of the first stage of the IX WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup. They will face from 13 to 17 September in Miyoshi City, Japan, No. 1 Japan, No. 5 Venezuela, No. 16 France and the top finisher of the Women's Baseball Asia Cup, which opened on 21 May in Hong Kong, China.

The IX Women's Baseball World Cup is the first and only WBSC baseball event using a new two-stage format. Under this new system, the 12 participants have been split into two groups: Group A will be played in Thunder Bay, Canada, from 8 to 13 August.

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